I initially put this blog together as a Django / Mezzanine site so I could talk about the process of configuring it for Elastic Beanstalk at a Bucks County DevOps meetup. The process was fun and I liked Mezzanine, but at some point there was a fiasco where I ended up getting an AWS bill for $350+ for a micro-based Elastic Beanstalk environment. Amazon support was very helpful, and immediately removed the charges plus a buffer to keep the site running so I could debug it, but I exceeded my extra coverage before I made time to debug the problem.

I ended up just taking down the whole site until I had time to address the issue. I was busy working on making my brother's synthesizer module website mobile-friendly before his trip to NAMM. The truth is, though, I still don't have time to debug it. If this was a work glitch, I would put the pieces in place to make sure I understood why the EBS storage was getting hit so hard, but since it's for my personal site and I intend to neglect the crap out of it, I decided to serve a static site out of Amazon S3.

The initial plan was to distill the existing Mezzanine site, or put it behind CloudFront, but when I ran into problems with the available Mezzanine static site generator, I decided to call that whole thing quits and checkout Pelican. It was remarkably easy to get working and into S3, and now here my blog is in its second incarnation.