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I initially put this blog together as a Django / Mezzanine site so I could talk about the process of configuring it for Elastic Beanstalk at a Bucks County DevOps meetup. The process was fun and I liked Mezzanine, but at some point there was a fiasco where I ended up ...

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Install Jenkins Plugins


Now that you have Jenkins installed, it's relatively painless to run tests against git builds and deploy to Elastic Beanstalk. To do this sanely, you'll want:

  1. Jenkins Git Plugin or another version control plugin
  2. Jenkins AWSEB Deployment Plugin

Create a Deployment Bucket

I prefer to have a separate ...

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Deploy Jenkins Server on Elastic Beanstalk


You can deploy to Elastic Beanstalk without using Jenkins a continuous integration server. You could even run your tests automatically before deploy if you added a container command. I like Jenkins, though, and my team is comfortable looking in one place for test output and deploy schedules. Plus, I think ...

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